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Since inception Brain Injury Relearning Services (BIRS) has supported Survivors of Brain Injury and their families to get back to the business of living their best life. For some that means returning to work... for others it may be regaining skills or learning compensatory strategies to cope with the brain injury.

BIRS offers a Cognitive Program in Medicine Hat and surrounding area as well as Community and Home support throughout the South Region of Alberta.

BIRS is a division of REDI Enterprises Society, a non-profit, charitable society.


BIRS supports people who have an acquired brain injury which could include any non-progressive brain injury caused by a stroke, a concussion, or a severe traumatic brain injury from a fall, an assault, or a motor vehicle collision.

BIRS works in conjunction with the persons Doctors, Home Care or Stroke team and all other service providers who are involved in the persons recovery to develop a plan that is based on the Survivor´┐Żs goals and desires.

BIRS specializes in:




Don't let us tell you, here is what our clients have to say...

  • My first time at BIRS I said outloud "I should have been here years ago!" My first session left me in tears, I had no idea how much I needed this place. It took awhile but once the dust settled my awareness and clarity started to kick in.

  • They have been awesome to me with my therapy and helping me at home with cooking again. I really appreciate everything they are doing for me. I go there twice a week for therapy and a young lady comes to my home once a week. Very special people that make you feel like a special person.

  • Being sent to BIRS after my injury was the best thing to happen to me. The one on one sessions worked on getting back my cognitive skills and so much more. My support worker became a mentor who knew me and my personality and helped find ways to adapt to the new me and the way my brain processed things. Group sessions were an option I highly recommend as you learn so many coping skills and strategies and you see you are not going through this alone. This program has been a life saver in a life changing situation. I don't know how well I would have handled the changes the brain injury has made to me if I had not come to BIRS.

  • I started at BIRS due to cognitive and physical impairments caused by my TBI. I really wasn't sure what these ladies could do for me as at the time I really didn't understand what exactly I was living with. I mean I was fine. Then I wasn't. Very quickly BIRS became my 'safe' place. A place where it is okay not to be okay. A place where you never hear "Just try harder!" (probably the 3 most distasteful words to say to someone suffering from a TBI). The ladies at BIRS teach me techniques and give me the tools I need along with a safe place to relearn and repair mentally and physically. I don't really know if I will ever be who I was before, so this is the 2nd version of me... maybe even a better one.



Medicine Hat and surrounding area

The cognitive program in Medicine Hat offers Survivors a place to network and to work on improving or compensating for areas of cognition such as memory, attention, communication, emotional control, planning, sequencing, mobility, coping skills, etc.

This supportive environment also offers peer support groups and is open to the Survivors family for resources and emotional support from our team.



Southern Alberta

Staff will meet with Survivors and their families to talk about what they need to make life better at home, work or in their community.

Examples of areas Survivors need help with could include: home living skills such as cooking, shopping, paying bills or organizing, learning the transit system or working to get a driver license reinstated, referrals to required community supports, help with connecting to sustainable food, housing, financial, medical supports, coping skills, etc.

This supportive environment also offers peer support groups and is open to the Survivors family for resources and emotional support from our team.



Southern Alberta

The concussion awareness and prevention program was established in 2002. Since then we have shared the information with Medicine Hat Minor Hockey, Medicine Hat Soccer Association, school football, bike rodeos, safety days, Brain day, Alberta Winter Games and with other events in the community.

Presentations are designed to promote brain injury awareness and minimize the risk of brain injury. Participants also learn what to do and not do if they sustain a concussion.

We are available for presentations at Health Fairs, sporting events and schools, with programs ranging from Helmet Fitting and Bike Rodeos to Car Seat Clinics. Call 403-528-2661 to arrange a presentation today.



Medicine Hat, Alberta
856 Allowance Avenue SE
Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 7S6

Weekdays 8:30am - 4:30pm

PHONE: 403-528-2661
FAX: 403-528-2647



Lethbridge, Alberta
#1-1718 3rd Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB, T1J 0Y9

Weekdays 8:30am - 4:30pm

PHONE: 403-320-7402
FAX: 403-528-2647



Eligibility for service is a medically diagnosed brain injury. The severity of the persons brain injury does not determine eligibility. Services are available for people who have a mild concussion to a severe traumatic brain injury. Referrals can be received from a variety of sources including, self referrals, medical and non-medical facilities, and community members. Referrals can be done at the BIRS office or by calling 403-528-2661. Referrals can also be faxed to 403-528-2647.

Upon receiving a referral, the person is contacted to complete an application and to sign a release of information to confirm brain injury diagnosis and to gather pertinent information. From there, desired outcomes and goals are established by the person and then the business of getting back to a happy fulfilling life begins.




BIRS is funded by Alberta Brain Injury Initiative and you. Please consider giving today. You can donate to BIRS through CanadaHelps, a safe and secure way to ensure that your donation goes directly to fund the worthy organization of your choice, and generate a CRA tax receipt automatically. All donations made to BIRS go directly to support programs and services for individuals affected by brain injury in the southern region of Alberta.

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